netrw is a simple (but powerful) tool for transporting data over the internet. Its main purpose is to simplify and speed up file transfers to hosts without an FTP server. It can also be used for uploading data to some other user. It is something like one-way netcat (nc) with some nice features concerning data transfers. Netrw can compute and check message digest (MD5, SHA-1, and some others) of all the data being transferred, it can also print information on progress and average speed. At the end it sums up the transfer.

netrw in action

netrw can also be found at

Typical usage of netrw tool

Let's suppose you want to send a file named from to There are several ways how this can be done. The first and the second example are the same for Unix-like OSs as well as for Windows "OS". In case of Windows, it's better and safer to use -i and -o parameters rather than I/O redirection. The third example is only usable on Unix-like systems because Windows (not speaking about cygwin and other similar tools) has no ssh.

When you want to send more than one file, you have to use a bit complicated commands: